Aspen Grove of Fall 2020

Aspen Grove of Fall 2020 – on the road to Slaughter House Gulch

I’ve always loved the look of Aspens, but haven’t ever lived near them. I believe they like this high altitude in Colorado. I was in search of some live ones to paint after having seen so many groves devastated by the Rampart Range Fire.

In October 2020, Robert and I did a day long training of recovery gear for off-roading at Slaughter House Gulch. It was difficult to stay focused on the class as the natural beauty of the place beckoned. I spent the ride home hanging out the window taking pics of aspens and eager to paint this first one in my studio from one of my photos.

‘Aspen Grove of Fall 2020’ is oil on stretched canvas 30” x 24” and is painted around the edges thus not requiring a frame.

For more information contact Susan Krieg at

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