On the Beach in Four Parts

Based on Winslow Homer’s ‘On the Beach’ – Susan Krieg Artist

One can learn a lot from taking a painting by a master and painting from it. Using Winslow Homer’s painting titled ‘On the Beach’, I recreated my version as shown here. 

On the Beach – Winslow Homer Artist

I chose to break it into 4 separate parts for interpretation. I wanted to capture the crashing waves in the lower right corner, change the colors and the mood for the ladies in the lower left corner. I gave the gull prominence and a spiritual quality in the upper right corner and had to darken the mood with my continuing frustration over covid 19 by making an evil gull in the upper left corner.

The Crashing Waves – Susan Krieg Artist
The Ladies – Susan Krieg Artist
The Seagull in Flight – Susan Krieg Artist
The Seagull’s Revenge – Susan Krieg Artist

I could see framing them in four separate frames and hanging together or matting all four in one matt in one frame. The painting is acrylic on Somerset  printmaking paper. I used a lot of neon and flash paint on this experimental piece, except for the painting in the upper left corner which is 100% collage. Each of the individual paintings measure 12” x 17” The overall piece including the areas of margins is approximately  28” x 38”. Definitely requires framing under glass.

For more information write to Susan Krieg at overlandartist@gmail.com

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