Stream at Springer Gulch

Stream at Springer Gulch – Susan Krieg Artist 9″x9″

We moved from Alexandria Virginia to Colorado Springs and arrived July 1st, bought a house and moved in August 7th. We did our first and only camping of the year the weekend of October 9th. It was also our introduction to cold weather as it got down to 28 degrees at night. The Stream at Springer Gulch was painted 80% plein air.

Our Campsite at Springer Gulch

 Up from our site was a beautiful view of the river. Katja, our yorkie poo helped me drag my gear up the hill with my ‘Eckla Beach Rolly’, one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever bought. It has big fat tires that rolls over rocks and roots.

Finished painting 9″x 9″

You can see in the underpainting I tried to capture some of the lovely blue in the river, even though there was a lot of warm muddy earth colors along the banks.

This was the first of 17 paintings I did between October 9th and November 17th, and it is the smallest one. There are 11 more landscapes here. (I’m keeping my landscapes separate from my other work.) You can view 5 more paintings from this time period at

The Stream at Springer Gulch is 9”x9” oil on stretched linen canvas. It is painted around the edges and does not require a frame, although a gorgeous gold frame would be awesome.

For more information contact Susan Krieg at

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